How to buy Handpans and the PANArt Hang

If you would like to buy a Handpan or Hang please read this page for further information and a list of reputable makers.

If you are considering buying a handpan and are unsure about the quality of the instrument then don’t buy it. Always try it first if possible. 

Want to Buy a Hang drum?

If you would like to buy a handpan or Hang drum be aware that there are lots of scams on eBay, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Prices for a new top quality handpan range from about £1200 – £2500 (€1200 – 3000 / $1100 – $3000), second hand PANArt Hanghang have been know to sell for as much as £12000!

I have added a list of some of the longest standing makers below and a few new builders. Many of them have websites and invite you to join their waiting lists. Some offer annual raffles for customers to get the opportunity to buy, others sometimes auction handpans on eBay for charity, advertise random sales on their websites or through Facebook pages to whichever customer is the first to reply. There are also two Facebook groups dedicated to handpan sales.

I highly recommend that you visit and do lots of research, or speak to others who are knowledgeable about handpans. Be very careful and make sure you know what you are buying. Better still, only buy a handpan in person.

List of Makers (click links to view websites)


Aciel – Michael Colley – France

Panstream – Mark Wilson – UK

Meridian – Duncan Arnot – UK

Pan Amor – Daryl Quinn – UK

Zephyr – Dean Richardson – UK

Ayasa – Ralf Van den Bor – Netherlands

Jan Borren – Jan Borren – Netherlands

Asachan / Echo Sound Sculpture – Ezahn – Switzerland

Bells/ BellArt – Luis – Spain

The PANArt Hang – The first handpan ever made – Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner

Meraki – Italy

Shellopan – France


Saraz – Mark Garner – North Carolina

Halo – Pantheon Steel – Kyle Cox – Missouri

Aura – Jon Antzoulis – New Jersey

Symphonic Steel – Sean Beever – California

Aether – Colin Foulke – California

Dave’s Island Instruments – David Berry – California

Isthmus – Jenny Robinson – Wisconsin

Other Countries

SPB – Victor Levinson – Russia

Live-Metalart – Nobuya Yamaguchi – Japan

Yishama – Israel

There are many more makers, the list is ever expanding.

Visit for a list of makers and new developers.

For more information on handspans and how to buy a handpan visit:

The PanArt Hang – Brief History

The Hang was created by Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner of PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd. in Bern, Switzerland in the year 2000.

Hanghang were initially sold in local music shops for just a few hundred euros. Later when popularity of the instruments increased PANArt invited interested buyers to write a letter to them and PANArt would write back to successful customers, inviting them to Bern to select a Hang

Soon people around the world became entranced by the sight and sound of the PANArt Hang and some were inspired to build a similar sound sculpture. The early builders include Pantheon Steel (USA) and Bellart (Spain). There exist many terms used to describe these instruments and there are varied opinions within the player and builders’ community of acceptable terms to use. Such names include Handpan, Hang Drum and Pantam.

Visit PANArt to find out about what the original Hang makers are building now. They are no longer building the Hang but a range of new and exciting instruments including the Gubal and a string instrument named the Pang.

Handpans Today

Today there are handpan builders all over the world.

The quality and timbre of the instruments varies greatly and is improving all the time. Every instrument is different because they are hand made, even when made by the same builder in the same key. They use different thicknesses of metal that has undergone different treatments, and most makers continue to experiment with new materials and methods.

The handpans that I currently play are Aciel, Meridian and Panstream.

Here is a link to a video of me playing an Aciel handpan.

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